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Hi there, I’m so happy to seeing you here!

I’m Martina and I live with my lovely family, husband Michal, son Marko and daughter Mia, in a bustling Bangkok. Moving to Bangkok was one of the best things that ever happened to us and it is a huge eye-opening experience. I will never regret our decision.

Let me tell you WHY!

Our life changed completely! We’ve changed our eating habits upside down. We have jumped on a huge transformation journey towards healthy lifestyle.

It all started while expecting a new addition to our family, our son Marko. I’ve read about nutrition for pregnant women, what to eat while breastfeeding and how to feed the baby when it comes to feed him solids. It was just a beginning and it was quite a natural thing that happened.

The life changing moment popped up when we moved to Bangkok from Europe and I’ve started to realise that I feel much better after eating asian food. My digestion improved, I didn’t feel any discomfort in my stomach, I was full of energy despite being a mom of a little baby and waking up several times during the night. Eating more fruits, vegetables, cutting down the diary and meat intake made wonders. It was all because of a huge difference between european and asian cuisine. It made me wonder why am I feeling so well and happy. So I’ve started to listen to my body, what food my body likes and what food it does not.

I’ve learned to listen to my body and that’s the magic.

Then the journey continued and my husband Michal started to exercise regularly and he adopted some of the basic healthy lifestyle habits during several weeks. As a result he lost more than 10 kg during one year without any diet, just applying some tiny changes in his eating habits. And I got even more inspired. And learned more about healthy lifestyle, new habits.

So I have decided that I do not want to leave this magic only for us and I want to inspire YOU. Listening to your body and making small changes in your eating habits can change your life and health.

Improved health, weight loss, boost of confidence and happiness can be your new you.

What I’m proud of the most is that our kids don’t eat sugar yet! 🙂 Marko is four and Mia is two years old now and I will do my best to teach them how they can take care of their health form this early age. I do not want them to be a part of those horrifying numbers of child obesity and diabetes. Let’s fight against this rising trend and let’s raise sugar-free kids together!

I’m raising sugar-free kids.

My mission is to bring you all the tips and tricks on how to raise sugar-free kids and how to change your lifestyle towards healthy one so that you can be a role model for your child.

Enjoy reading!